Drummer Chops


Due to our commitment to making you a perfect drummer we have introduced ‘Drummers Chops’, an App that helps you learn faster anywhere and anytime, in your own comfort. Drummers Chops is available (downloadable) On Google Play Store and Apple store as well.



Drummers Chops is an App that teaches drum rhythms in different time signatures, 44, 68, 24, 34 as well as show the user how to apply it using numbers which is traceable through the layout below using different number orchestrations.



For a comprehensive understanding, we have integrated three sections in the App which are categorized as thus:

  • Application – this section has 160 exercises/rhythms that are very users can easily apply in 102 different ways, for example, if the rhythm has 4 parts, it is expected to be 90 different ways if the rhythm has 3 parts and 36 different ways if the rhythm has 2 parts.
  • Rhythm – his section takes you to a specifically defined a pattern of such sound variation. It has 30 exercises that give you a regular quantitative change in sound variation.
  • Complex – Complex applications has 210 exercises/rhythms to be applied 234 different ways if the rhythm has 4 parts, 312 different ways if the rhythm has 3 parts and 74 different ways if the rhythm has 2 parts.
Benefits of the App
  • Saves Money – have you imagined how much a private drum tutor will charge you? But with the arrival of Drummers Chops; an App that takes the place of your private tutor, making your self-thought experience worth a while. I guess this will be a bad time for all drum teachers.
  • Serves As a Lesson Guide – this App can serve as a lesson guide to drum teachers, making their job easier by engaging the students even when they are out of the class can as well continue with their lesson with the use of this App. We have anticipated that a strict follow-up with this App should be able to give you a resounding result in probably 4 weeks.
  • At Your Own Pace – unlike many human, this App follows a specific command, therefore, giving you a precise outcome.
  • Progress report on all three levels – the App measures and analyze your outcome, letting you know your level of performance.
  • Challenges your Performance – how good are you? Well… Drummers Chops decide. The App allows let each exercise give your dexterity a challenge.
  • Diverse – Different rhythms = different sense of time to develop plus the different ways to apply the rhythms = different melodies.
  • Freedom to Choose – No tempo guide meaning users can pick their own metronome markings.
  • Raving – do you easily get bored of learning in classrooms? Well…no worries ’cos the Drummer Chop App gives you an exciting learning section, the number of orchestrations are not predictable so the chances of the user getting bored are “extremely low”. In fact for Apps like this, learning is fun.
  • Flexible – The rhythms cover different subdivisions from Quarter (Crochet), eighths (Quaver), sixteenths (semiquavers).
  • Very Specific – the App Utilizes drum numbers from the book which makes it serve as a follow-up of the book its-self.
  • Advanced moderation – Develops the concept of drums as a melody-based instrument.
  • Liberty to Choose – This means that students can choose and use their own beats and apply the chops to their own style of music. This is to further illustrate the flexibility and independence of this unique App.