Intensive Drum Lessons

‘Learn drums in 5 days’
Also available on the keyboard, bass guitar, saxophone
Our summer lesson is an intensive drum lesson, where students can learn drums in 5 days. ‘Learn drums in 5 days’ is a successful drum training camp for beginners and intermediate players, which is conducted at various centers in the year across London, Manchester, Belfast, Essex and Leicester during the 6 weeks summer holiday. We have carefully scheduled our timetable to fit into your daily routine. Below is the timetable:
20hours lesson (Mon- Fri) = 4 hours daily

Lessons cover:

  • Pop
  • Jazz
  • Punk
  • Blues
  • Latin
  • Drum warm-ups
  • Music theory
  • Tom based beats
  • Drum setup
  • Drums health and safety
  • Drum Fills
  • Real life scenarios to apply lessons
Perfect for children during the school Holidays.
Mon-Fri = 4 hours daily.

In virtually every country, summer breaks are usually the longest break in school year lasting between 5 and 14 weeks. In Britain, Netherlands and Germany the summer break usually last 6 – 8 weeks. During this period a lot of activities happen, and a lot of things can also be achieved if truly these times can be channeled to productivity. So at this time enrolling into Summer Lesson class which scheduled to hold Mondays – Fridays, 4 hours daily can actually be the best things any parent can do for the child considering the benefits of drumming in children which ranges from:

  • Increase in academic performance
  • Boost brain power
  • Develop confidence
  • Improve communication skills.

These and more are what our ‘Learn drums in 5 days’ Summer Lessons class has got to offer, giving your child an opportunity to move a step ahead of his pairs through the act of drumming. Our Summer Lessons don’t just offer Drumming courses; it supplements it with other musical instruments like keyboard, bass guitar and saxophone making it a perfect blend of music lesson.

But aside the above-mentioned benefits, an average student who enrolled in our Summer Lessons have got the opportunity to also:

  • Network – Network opportunities which allow students interact among themselves, because we have to understand that the best lesson is the one learned from a peer.
  • Apply modern Technique – we believe in change, so as things changes drumming techniques also change. So, we modernize every technique as it changes.
  • Go from beginner to intermediate in 5 days – we believe you, that’s why we believe you will transcend into a near perfect church drummer in 5 days.
  • Learning through music theory – with our special toolkit carefully craft out for religious organizations that include the most trust music theories that make drumming interesting.
  • Learn about drum Health and safety – casualties happen. So we make provisions for such health associated scenario like broken fingers, pulled the skin and even bruise hands.
  • Master Drum setup and maintenance – our drums never get old. Our practice drums are quite different from our stage performing drums, this makes our students have a wide understanding of different types of drums and also makes our maintenance second to none.