One Rudiment Academy

The One Rudiment Academy Drum School is aimed at creating an arena where academically struggling students can express themselves through the art of drumming, therefore creating another form of mental education that has the propensity to ignite their academic performance, cultivate exceptional social and physical skills, refine discipline and patience, as well as boosts self-esteem. To achieve this purpose of reaching out to these struggling students, we have mapped out places we can discover those students struggling to prove their academic prudence. Our target includes but not limited to:

  • School
  • Church Groups
  • Private home tuition
  • Homeschooled children
  • Youth offenders
  • Youth clubs
  • Sports clubs … e.t.c.

Our business is to train and develop the target audience and their likes in the area of drumming using a unique learning tool and system. The system in mind is a Copyrighted and trademarked learning tool known as drum tabs and drum numbers. This tested and trusted tool of ours is a fast and unique method to make the act of learning drums so much easier and fun. Drum numbers, on the other hand, is simply an algorithm/formula that uses all the different numbers to create different melodies using one rhythm idea. Because of this, lessons are more structured with users being able to apply what they are learning instantly through sight rather than still trying to figure things out. A practical example of the algorithm/formula is the picture below with an example of rhythms that could be used.

There are currently two products utilizing this system which are separate from what we propose to develop as products to users. We aim to create unique textbooks that will target Mainstream school children; Special education needs children, young offenders, and Home Schooled Children who are interested in drums. We aim to reach this target audience through parents, local councils, troubled family agencies/networks, social workers, community groups etc.